Hey, I’m Julia. People know me as cheesecrayons, Patch, Noodle Girl from other places. I am a young lady who has an insane mind and dreams to share. I live in Manila but my mind is almost always elsewhere. 

A little disclaimer: This is not an art blog or any kind of themed blog. I post a lot of them, I know. If you’re only looking for the art only, then no problem. All credit goes to the wonderful artists.

For people who don’t like reading walls of texts, that’s all you need to know. 


 ` I like learning about new things. So, as much as I’d like my blog to not be random, it will be. Things that I appreciate the most are: literature; bookshelves & ladders; ramen, cheese, & just basically good food; surreal and conceptual art; thrillers/horror/psychological films or films in general; simplicity; seinen mangas; watercolors; pandas, turtles, bunnies & wolves (etc); architecture-interior design; travellingboots & coats; Hayao Miyazaki; tea; gaming, baffling scienceanimes and cartoonscertain tv shows, and good humor. I also have a thing for beautiful pictures, kissingwords and words and wordsand every form of art. Oh and anything that resembles me in any way.

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My fandoms include: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Adventure Time, Hannibal, New Girl, anything Disney/Pixar, Sherlock,  Naruto/OP/Bleach, amongst other things.


` I’m pretty flexible with different things such as music so if it’s a good song then I like it. But alternative rock would be the domination, if you must know. I love Oasis, Radiohead, Switchfoot, Coldplay, Incubus, Explosions In The Sky, Mew, Kaiser Chiefs, Fink, Monsters Calling Home Muse to name a few. I adore Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Maria Mena, KT Tunstall, and Feist profoundly. I also listen to some Asian music, besides my locals.


 ` I also have many ‘admirations' like Robin Williams, or Johnny Depp, or Emma Watson. But there are too many to mention. I'm a Badou Nails/Spike Spiegel/Kakashi Hatake/Matt Jeevas/Akira Takizawa/Oreki Houtarou/otherbishies fangirl though.


` I love the color purple. But I am a sucker for black & white too. Seeing colorful things make me happy too, sometimes.


 ` I’m stubborn. Indecisive. Inconsistent. A bit paranoid. I also laugh more than I smile. Not that I like frowning but I just don’t smile when I don’t mean it. Otherwise, I’m fun if you get to know me. 


` Oh and I tend to write a lot. But you know that already.


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